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917 861-7203


College Point Roller Hockey has a system of timed shifts so that all players whether they are seasoned players or just learning to skate play an equal amount of time in our games. In addition to running the overall game clock  we also run a shift clock which enables us to change lines every 2 minutes throughout the game. No player can take his next shift until all players on the team take theirs.  Each period of Play is 20 minutes, time is scoped on all whistles, 3 periods of play just like the NHL. Teams usually consist of three lines and are paired against the other teams lines according to ability. Seasoned players play against the other teams seasoned players and new players are matched against new players on the other team. We find this to be a very fair system for all the players. It allows new players to learn the game  by not having to play against the seasoned players.  Our Younger Division is purely instructional with and emphasis put on skating and general hockey skills.  So don't sit around in your room playing video games. Come on and sign up for a team and learn the sport of Roller Hockey whether you are a beginner or a superstar. Make new friends, Stay in shape, and have fun playing the exciting sport of Roller Hockey

  Included Team Jersey, 10 Game Schedule 
Games are played on Sundays and Week nights
Starting time for games
12:00 or 2:00pm for the younger divisions,
4:30 or 6:30pm for the older divisions games.
We will start the season  with one game a week and one practice a week 
Younger Divisions Practice on Thursday or Fridays,
Older Divisions are on Monday through Wednesday.
As the season moves alone we will play two games a week

We do not play when the ground is wet. We will play a 10 game schedule. Games and practice will start in April.   At the end of the  season schedule we will finish up with our  All Star Sunday Barbecue.  Join for our 53rd season of continuing play. We have'not missed a season in  53 years since we started. Why play anywhere else?  Our coaches have played in the league when they were kids and now coach and run the league.

We Are Roller Hockey

Dear Friends This year 2020 will be our 53rd year or providing organized Roller Hockey to the Youth of the community. We are very excited about the upcoming season and we look forward to continue providing a positive sports experience for our Players. Over our 52 year history we have taught thousand of kids how to skate and play the sport of roller hockey.

Registration Page

There are a couple of ways to Register for our upcoming season.  You can attend any one of our up coming in  person Registrations at the Roller Hockey Rink or at the College Point Little League Building which will be listed in March.   Or you can download the Registration Form and the Insurance Wavier form and mail them along with your payment to:

College Point Roller Hockey.

P. O. Box 30,

CP. NY 11356.

The easiest way to Register is go to the Registration page of this Website and Fill out the form'

You can also pay by Clicking on the PAY NOW BUTTON below the form.

We have managed once again to keep our fees low. If you have not played CP Roller Hockey before the fee will be $125.00. If you have played CP Roller Hockey before you will receive a $25.00 discount the fee for you will be $100.00, bring a friend who has not played before we will give them the $25.00 discount. If you and your friend sign up and you have not played before the fee would be $100.00 for each player. 

For more information call 917 861-7203

Listed below are our In Person Registration Dates at the 

Little League Building and the

Roller Rink